Take a read of our Environmental Policy. We believe we have a responsibility to protect our community and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Nottingham is a place that’s on a mission to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral city by 2028. We have a clean and green public transport system, electric vehicles and sustainable energy sources.

Hart’s Nottingham supports the local efforts and will raise awareness, encourage participation, and train employees in environmental matters. We will regularly review and continuously seek to improve our environmental policy through regular review.

We know we still have a way to go but every little will help and we’d like to make our guests and staff and suppliers proud of what we are doing.


Sustainable Hotel

Hart’s Hotel & Kitchen, Nottingham was built as a sustainable hotel, designed to respect the environment and the area where we are located. We have highlighted below a number of considerations that were taken when designing the hotel.

The hotel was designed with a narrow plan building to ensure it can be easily ventilated without air conditioning.

The exterior of the hotel is finished in an insulating render system for improved thermal performance and to help reduce carbon emissions.

The walls are made from 215 heavy masonry blockwork with an external insulation system on the outside. This is very important because it means that the mass of the walls (which is substantial) is available to slow the temperature change within the building. This means the building will stay cooler for longer when it is hot outside and the structure will store heat in the winter when it is cold outside.

The hotel roof is stainless steel which is a green material and its longevity makes it a sustainable product.

We have minimum powered extract in the bathrooms as the design of the hotel maximises the number of bathrooms with windows.

The windows in most cases face east or west and are shaded from the south by other parts of the building or by setting them in deep reveals.

The floor to ceiling windows and louvers were designed to maximise natural daylight and give variable ventilation to all the rooms. The louver system allows cool air into the rooms at night without the risk of intruders and/or insects etc. This helps take away any heat absorbed by the structure in the daytime during the summer.


We recycle printer cartridges, glass & cardboard

We use reusable glass water bottles

We have replaced plastic straws with quality paper straws

Food waste is minimal as we use local, seasonal produce

We refill our miniature L’Occitane toiletries to reduce the amount of plastic waste

Leftovers are packaged up for customers to take home if requested

All of our kitchen oil is collected for recycling

Environmental Policy Hart's Hotel Nottingham


Our brochure is available in a PDF format on our website

We use environmentally-friendly paper from FSC certified paper mills

Email communication is printed only when necessary

Our cleaning products are all environmentally-friendly

We can provide information on local walks and parks to visit

We are a member of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust


All rooms have showers as well as baths to encourage water saving

We have combi showers which mean less energy wastage


LED low energy light bulbs have been installed throughout the hotel

In 2019, a new boiler with AHU & BMS controls was fitted, which monitors the temperature inside and out so it provides the optimum room temperature for our guests.

We have fitted thermostatic radiator valves in all bedrooms

Our kitchen is run by electric only, we do not use gas


We source from local suppliers wherever possible

We sponsor the Park Community Garden

Regular donations are given to local charities and projects

Environmental Policy Community Garden

Green Policy for our Guests

We would like to enlist the help of our guests in achieving our aims by asking them to:

Turn off lights when leaving the room.

Turn off the television when leaving the room.

Turn off taps.

Turn off heating when a window or door is open.

Leave newspapers out of the bins so they can be collected separately by the housekeeping staff and recycled.

Our policy is to ensure that guests have a comfortable stay. Therefore, sheets will be changed every second day for a long stay guest and towels will be changed on turn down (where necessary) and when the room is cleaned. Guests are asked to place all towels to be changed into the bath.

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