Vine Farm Dairy – Supplier Profile

By December 30th, 2019News

We take great pride and care in choosing the best quality, local ingredients and we are delighted to be working with Vine Farm who provide us with our daily supply of fresh milk.

Vine Farm produce free range milk from their herd of happy Montbeliarde, Holstein and Jersey cows who graze the beautiful grass pastures of Great Dalby, near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.

We use the milk in all our baking as well as at breakfast and in all our teas and coffees. All the milk is delivered in reusable churns and waste is minimal.

It is also really important to know that the process is as sustainable as possible. Any waste bread from our sister company Hambleton Bakery is dropped off at the farm and used as a key ingredient with their cows feed mix. The bread is carefully weighed out and put in their feed mixer and is chopped up finely alongside their own home-grown silage and other key ingredients such as potatoes. Vine Farm Dairy work closely with nutritionists to create a perfect feed mix to ensure the cows are not only happy and healthy but they produce the highest quality milk.

To find our more about Vine Farm Dairy visit their website here

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