Tutored Wine Tasting and Supper – Review By Mac Woodhams

By March 14th, 2017News

This was my second time attending one of the tutored wine tastings. I first went with some friends who have an interest in wine, after they recommended it as a really informative night.

I wouldn’t profess to be an aficionado when it comes to wine, but I do have a keen interest and like to think I can pick out a good bottle. I can usually make an educated guess about what it is that I’m drinking – although I’m probably better at doing that with red wine rather than white. So there’s certainly room for improvement! I’m always keen to learn more and Tim Hart and Dominique make it very interesting. They introduce aspects that I would never usually consider – such as the height of the land the vines are grown on and the type of soil.

Dinner is served after the tasting, which makes for lively and interesting conversation as everyone discusses their preferred wines and shares opinions. More wine is also served and it goes without saying that the food is delicious, which for me is just the icing on the cake.