Jing Loose Leaf Tea

By September 29th, 2020News
Jing Tea

Here at Hart’s Nottingham, we think we should celebrate National Tea Day every day!

We serve loose leaf Jing Tea, teas of real individuality and personality, sourced from small growers around the world.

Join us for a refreshing cup of tea any time of day.

See our selection available below priced at £3 per pot;

Green Tea

Organic Jade Sword, Grassy, Spring-Fresh, Reviving Never astringent, Jade Sword is simple to make and bursting with sweet spring flavour.

Sichuan Dew, Thick, Vegetal, Refreshing Hand-picked and steamed green tea from the humid plains of central Sichuan.

Jasmine Pearls, Sweet, Floral, Enticing Spring-fresh green tea is rolled into pearls and stored until summer, then left out over 5 consecutive nights to blossom.

Jasmine Silver Needle Soothing jasmine and summer fruit with classic white tea flavours cucumber

Black Tea

Assam Breakfast, Rich, Malty, Rousing The ultimate breakfast tea, a rousing & robust blend of pure Assam tea with a rich malty character.

Earl Grey, Bold, Fragrant, Uplifting A delicious full-bodied tea from Ruhuna in Sri Lanka.

Assam Gold, Malty, Honeyed, Fortifying Full bodied whole leaf tea with fruit, spice & honey noes. An excellent choice to kick start your day.

Darjeeling 2nd Flush Supreme, Fragrant, Sweet, Reviving The much anticipated first spring leaves of Darjeeling’s freshest crop.

Ceylon & Whole Rose Buds, Rich, Fragrant, Enchanting Low-grown medium bodied Ceylon base – the perfect partner to sweet, beautifully floral whole rosebuds.



Phoenix Honey Orchid, Fragrant, Peach, Complex A seductive shade of orange blossom, notes of orange, vanilla & honey.

Ali Shan, Floral, Buttery, Refreshing ‘Mount Ali’ Oolong teas are famous for their outstanding aroma & flavour.


Herbal Infusions

Lemongrass & Ginger, Bright, Spicy, Invigorating With real lengths of refreshing lemongrass and whole pieces of ginger giving a citrus lift, along with a spicy glow.

Blackcurrant & Hibiscus, Bright, Fruity & Quenching Vivid & lively infusion bursting with berry flavours.

Chamomile Flowers, Floral, Delicate, Calming whole flowers simply handpicked & dried

Peppermint Leaf, Intense, Cool, Refreshing An excellent palate cleanser & great way to round off a meal.