A favourite spot for business lunches in Nottingham

By January 3rd, 2019News

Tim Hart, owner of Hart’s Restaurant says a good lunch breeds good ideas.

Cuts in staff and increasing workloads have combined to create a rushed and busy working day, leaving little time for leisurely or business lunches. Add to this tax changes, anti-bribery legislation and an obsession with diet and healthy eating and there’s no doubt that the business lunch has taken a beating.

Hart’s over the years have be awarded many accolades for the Best Business Lunch in Nottingham. Located within 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre and five minutes from many legal, accounting and other professional offices, business lunches remain significant to us, so we have had to react to these changes.

Our daily-changing menus make it easy for us to satisfy our clients. Sauces can be made without butter or cream; there are plenty of good salad options, fish dishes and fruity desserts. Clients drinking fizzy water get no dirty looks from us!

Recognising the need for speedier lunchtime experiences we introduced a ‘Business Lunch’, which guarantees two courses and coffee from our set menu served in just 50 minutes. We have seen a significant growth, reinforcing the message that the business lunch needs to be short and sweet.

It is adaptations such as these that have allowed us to remain one of Nottingham’s finest restaurants. Revolutionary they may not be, but together with great seasonal dishes and professional service they give customers the type of lunchtime experiences they can both afford and justify – in terms of time and money.

So, start the new year with a new resolution, step away from your desk for a change of environment and let the inspiration flow – there’s nothing like a good lunch to breed good ideas!

Join us in January and February for Lunch for Even Less 2019. Enjoy 2-courses of fine food for only £19. Offer valid Monday to Saturday from Monday 7th January to Friday 1st March. To make your reservation call 0115 988 1900 quoting ‘Lunch for Even Less’.