Cocktail List


Cosmopolitan – £7.00
Ketel One Citron, Cointreau, lime and cranberry shaken until ice cold, served with a flamed orange twist

Margarita- £7.00
One of the great classics, straight up or on the rocks. Jose Cuervo tequila shaken hard with Cointreau and fresh lime.

Mojito – £7.00
A large Havana Rum muddled with fresh lime, mint leaves and sugar.

Caipirinha – £7.00
A Brazilian classic. Germana Cachaca muddled with fresh limes and brown sugar. A short sharp taste of South America.

Martini Cocktail – £7.00
Bombay Sapphire Gin or Stolichnaya Vodka, served ice cold with a splash of Vermouth.
Belvedere Vodka – £2.00 Supplement.
Tanqueray 10 – £3.00 Supplement

Sours – £7.00
Whisky or Amaretto, shaken hard with lemon, lime & sugar, served in a sugar rimmed tumbler.

French Martini- £7.50
Vodka, chambard, pineapple juice shaken over iuce.

Champagne Cocktails

Champagne Sapphire – £9.50
Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh lime juice, topped up with Champagne.

Classic Champagne Cocktail – £9.50
An Angostura Bitters soaked brown sugar cube, covered with Maxime Trijol VSOP Cognac, topped up with Champagne.

Bellini Cocktails – £9.50
Traditional Bellini – White peach purée, a dash of Crème de Peche, topped up with Champagne
Hart’s Bellini – Mango purée, a dash of cranberry, topped up with champagne
Pear Bellini – Pear purée, a dash of Poire William topped with Champagne
Berry Bellini – Berry purée with Framboise Eaux De Vie topped with Champagne

Royals – £9.50
The perfect aperitif before your meal.
Crème de Casis Blackcurrant
Mure Blackberry
Myrtille Blueberry
Framboise Raspberry
Fraise de Boise Strawberry

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Vietnamese Lemonade – £3.50
Crushed ginger, fresh lemon juice & sugar syrup strained over ice & topped with soda water.

Pussy Foot – £4.00
Orange, pineapple and lemon juices and Grenadine.

Summer @ Harts – £4.00
English summer berry purée & lime juice shaken until ice cold, topped up with ginger ale.

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