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Last updated July 2014

Bottled Beers & Ciders

Peroni, Nastro Azzurro 330ml, 5.1%              £3.70
Italian lager since 1845

Freedom Pilsner, 330ml, 5.0%                            £3.60
Hand crafted English lager brewed from a pure Staffordshire spring

Flensburger Gold, 330ml, 4.8%                           £3.80
A full flavoured fresh German beer, brewed since 1888

BG Sips, 500ml, 4.0%                                           £4.50
Born in the Blue Monkey Brewery on the border of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire in 2008. Made with ‘Brewers Gold’ hops which impart enticing tropical fruit aromas and a lovely thirst quenching bitterness.

Saint Peters Golden Ale, 500ml, 4.7%                 £5.00
A lively, smooth ale with a bitter finish

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, 500ml, 4.1%             £5.00
Award winning strong traditional pale ale

Ten-Fifty, 500ml, 5.0%                                          £5.00
Perfect balance of bitter & sweet, this beer is also used to flavor our signature loaf “The Hambleton Local”

Bitburger Drive, 330ml, 0.0%                                £3.40
Alcohol free lager from Germany

Aspall Draught Suffolk Cider, 500 ml, 5.5%        £5.00
Draught has a mid straw colour with a floral/appley aroma especially of Russetts. It has a lovely mouth filling mousse and a delicate flavour of fresh pressed apples. It is an off dry cyder with a complexity that enhances its long finish. Draught is attracting a growing audience across the country and was recently described when scooping the 2006 Quality Drinks Award as ‘almost like drinking a Sauvignon Blanc’.

Aspall, Perronelle’s Blush, 500 ml, 4.0%             £5.00
The colour is deep blush suggestive of dark summer fruit. There is a subtle blackberry aroma with a hint of traditional cyder apple. Deceptively smooth with a silky but refreshing palate, Blush offers a perfect blend of sweetness and acidity. It has a lovely mouthfeel and a lingering aftertaste of berries. Superb as an aperitif – as an alternative to pink sparkling wines like Rose Champagne.

Aspall, Dry Premier Cru, 500 ml, 7.0%               £5.00
Premier Cru has been awarded World’s Best Cider and World’s Best Dry Cider in the 2008 World Cider Awards. It was described by the judges as “an elegant and well bred dry cider, with a soft fragrant nose and enough earthy apple notes to keep its feet on the ground”

Of mid straw-gold colour with a clean, light aroma of dessert apples, Premier Cru is dry, round and creamy on the palate with a good acid balance, pleasant soft tannins and an elegant, long finish. A champagne taste that embodies the essence of an orchard, it has enticed an admiring audience who describe it as ‘pale, subtle and crisp, with a fresh aroma of English apples.’

All Priced at £4.80 for 80ml

Lustau Manzanilla, Papirusa, Very Dry
A delicious and light sherry from Sanlucar de Barameda

Lustau Amontillado, Los Arcos, Dry
Nutty with a touch of sweetness and a dry finish.

Lustau Olorosso, Don Nuno, Dry
Robust, dark brown, dry, rich and intense

Lustau Pedro Ximenez, San Emilio, Sweet
An extremely rich and raisiny wine with a clean finish

Tio Pepe, Palomino Fino, Very Dry
The classic Fino Sherry – pale, dry, pungent and delicate

Harveys, Bristol Cream, Rich & Full Bodied
A complex blend of some of Jerez’s finest wines, delicate finos,
aged amontillados, fragrant olorosos with wine from the special Pedro Ximenez grape providing a silky mellow, smoothness

Croft, Original Pale Cream Sherry, Light & Refreshing
Delicious pale cream Sherry, light and delicate in colour,
smooth and luxurious in taste.

House Pours
All Priced at £3.80 for 35ml

Beefeater Gin
The Famous Grouse
Bacardi Superior
Stolichnaya Russian Vodka
Jose Cuervo Traditional
Jack Daniels

Non – Alcoholic
All Priced at £5.00

Virgin Mary
Tomato juice, lemon juice, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco

Pussy Foot
Orange, pineapple & lemon juices, Grenadine

St Clements
Orange juice, bitter lemon

Summer @ Hart’s
English summer berry purée & lime juice shaken until ice cold, topped up with ginger ale.

Vietnamese Lemonade
Crushed ginger, fresh lemon juice & sugar syrup strained over ice & topped with soda water.
Freshly squeezed Orange juice £3.50

Luscombe organic apple juice £3.00

Looza Strawberry & Pear juice £3.00

Looza Passion fruit juice £3.00

Looza Pineapple juice £3.00

Looza Grapefruit juice £3.00

Looza Tomato juice £3.00

Cranberry juice £3.00

Schweppes Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale £2.50

Schweppes Tonic, Bitter Lemon, Lemonade £2.50

Coke, Diet Coke £2.50

Whisky  35ml

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yrs £5.00

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15yrs £7.00

Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18yrs £13.00

Johnnie Walker Blue Label £30.00
A blend of the very rarest whiskies

Balvenie 10yrs Founder’s Reserve £5.00
Smokey but mellow aroma, smooth, mature palate and clean long dry finish

Balvenie 12yrs Double Wood £6.00
Full-bodied & complex due to spending half its life in sherry oak casks. Awarded Gold Medal
(International Wine & Spirit Competition 97)

Balvenie 15yrs Single Barrel £7.50
Rare Speyside (hand numbered) with unique mellowness and character

Balvenie 21yrs Portwood £18.00
is transferred to a port cask, or pipe, which has held fine port wines. The Balvenie Portwood 21 Year Old was awarded a prestigious Gold Medal

Dewars 12 yrs £6.00
Rich and honeyed on the tongue

Dalwhinnie 15yrs £7.00
A simple and crisp malt from the highlands

Glenmorangie 10yrs £5.00
Light and spicy, from Scotlands tallest stills

Monkey Shoulder £5.00
Monkey Shoulder is a mix of three different Single Malts- Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie-and is great with mixers or just on its own. Smooth, sweet and very easy to drink.

Whisky 35ml

Laphroaig 10yrs £5.00
A very peaty malt from the shores of Islay

Macallan 10yrs £5.00
Full bodied and well-rounded from Speyside

Auchentoshan 10yrs £5.00
A very good sherry aged lowland malt

Talisker 10yrs £5.00
A very smooth malt with a peaty finish

Lagavulin 16yrs £8.00
Peat-smoke typical of southern Islay

Glenfiddich 12 yrs £6.00
touch of pear in the nose, followed by a distinctive, well-balanced flavour of rich fruit, subtle pine and a hint of peatiness

Glenfiddich 15 yrs £7.00
A full and fruity nose, with delicate honey and vanilla notes. The taste is elegantly smooth, with a deep flavour that reveals fruit, gentle spice and a touch of oak.

Glenfiddich 18 yrs £13.00
Faintly sweet, scented with apple and wood. It is robust and full-bodied, yet remarkably soft

Jameson’s Irish Whisky £4.50
Hugely popular Irish blend, renowned for its affinity with ginger ale.

Canadian Club £4.50
A giant of Canadian whisky, created in 1858 and spending 6 years in oak before bottling.

Bushmills-Black Bush £5.00
A rich, dark, Irish blend. Aged in Oloroso sherry casks for 8-10 years. Picked up top prize in its category at the World Whiskey Awards 2010.

Cognac 35ml
Calvados Henry Querville £5.00
A pleasant, spicy, full-bodied calvados

Pays d’Auge, 6ans d’age £6.00
Full-bodied aged calvados

Bas-Armagnac Baron de Sigognac, V.S.O.P £5.00
Complex and strong nose, giving floral notes with a characteristic perfume of plums

Domaine De Lasgraves, 1974 £13.00
A very smooth but complex vintage from the finest region

Remy Martin V.S.O.P £5.00
World Famous smoothness with hints of Apricot,
Vanilla & Liquorice

Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac £8.00
Apricots and pears infused with sunshine. The addition of crushed ice perfectly complements Coeur de Cognac’s sweet aromas and accentuates
the lovely surprise of its smooth, velvety aftertaste.

Remy Martin X.O £18.00
Remarkably smooth, rich and mellow

Maxime Trijol V.S.O.P £5.50
Family run since 1859, this is a truly fantastic cognac

Maxime Trijol X.O. £10.00
An XO cognac from Maxime Trijol, made using grapes solely from the Grande Champagne region. Full bodied and balanced, sweet fruit, ginger, oak, hints of delectable rancio.

Maxime Trijol, 1968 £19.00
On the nose are dried fruits, marzipan honey, vanilla and soft oaky spice. It finishes with oaky spice, a touch of tannin, and is well-balanced and lifted by the zing from the spirit.

Ragnaud Sabourin Florilege £19.00
Est. 1850. A fruity and unbelievably smooth 50 yr old blend

Bourbon 35ml
Buffalo Trace £5.00
Fantastic bourbon named after the great buffalo run in Kentucky and one of the oldest and finest bourbons available

Makers Mark £5.00
America’s only handmade delicious bourbon produced in small batches

Woodford Reserve Distillers Select £6.00
From the Labrot and Graham distillery the sharp rye characteristics make this the ideal choice for the whiskey beginner.

Gentleman Jack £8.00
Mellowed twice over charcoal Gentleman Jack is the first new Whiskey from the Tennessee distillery in over 100 years!

Jack Daniels Single Barrel £10.00
A unique taste experience with every barrel.

Vermouths 50ml
Martini: Rosso, Bianco, Extra Dry 15% £3.50

Dubonnet 14.8% £3.50

Pimms No 1 25% £3.50

Noilly Prat 18% £3.50

Campari 25% £4.00

Pernod 40% £4.00

Ricard 45% £4.50

A little background about Pampero rum… Pampero was created in 1938 by by the son of a fisherman Alejandro Hernandez. Hernandez original recipe introduced a distillation process unique to Venezuela. Hernandez harvested the finest sugar cane only in the incredibly humid dry season, to produce a smoother cut of alcohol. This alcohol blended with the local Carbonero spring water creates a distinctive deep, complex intense spirit with a surprisingly smooth rounded flavour.

Pampero Blanco, 35ml £3.90
Pampero Blanco is a classic light and soft white rum with richness added through ageing

Pampero Añejo Especial, 35ml £5.00
Spicy and rich aroma with a robust, sweet, smooth and warming taste.

Pampero Aniversario, 35ml £7.00
A complex and rich taste, with notes of brown sugar and cocoa

Ron Zacapa
Commonly referred to as “the Cognac of Rum” Ron Zacapa is a limited production Rum produced from the virgin sugar canes of Guatemala

Ron Zacapa 23, 35ml £13.00
Produced only from the first-crush virgin sugar cane honey, aged in Pedro Ximenez casks.

Rum 35ml
Malibu £3.80
Fine, clear white rum flavoured with tropical coconut

Bacardi Superior £3.80
Share this passionate Latin spirit with BACARDI Superior rum, the world’s first premium aged white rum.

Demerera Skipper Rum £4.00
Distilled from sugar cane and molasses and aged in oak casks then blended to bring out its caramel, vanilla & toffee flavours

Sailor Jerry Rum £4.00
Spiced rum from master tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins

Gosling’s Black Seal £4.00
Rich, smooth and full bodied from Bermuda

Mount Gay £4.00
Hand crafted rum using the finest Barbados
sugar cane and pure spring water

Appleton £4.00
Hand-crafted, aged and filtered slowly through special charcoal. The result is a smooth, brilliantly clear and light bodied rum with a subtle taste and delicate aroma.

Havana Club 7 years old £5.00
Unrivalled rum, best enjoyed with Havana cigars. The perfect way to finish the evening

Bacardi 8 years old £5.00
Using the same process today as was being used in 1862, this oak aged Rum is the choice for the connoisseur

Mount Gay XO £6.00
Extra old is a perfect example of finesse that only time can bring, A true taste of paradise

Don Julio
Don Julio González began his journey in the world of tequila in 1942. He soon realised that to create tequila that stands apart, one must control every aspect of the process, From the cultivation of the agave to the bottling of the final product. He then established his distillery, La Primavera, and spent nearly forty years perfecting the craft that would produce extraordinary tequila with every bottle.

At first, Don Julio only shared his tequila with friends. But soon word spread and Tequila Don Julio quickly became the most sought after tequila in Mexico. Today, the world is learning what Mexico already knows: that it is passion above all else that makes a great tequila.

Don Julio Blanco, 35ml £6.00
Perfect on its own or on the rocks.

Don Julio Reposado, 35ml £7.00
An inviting aroma of mellow, lemon citrus notes and spice layers with touches of ripe stone fruit.

Don Julio Añejo , 35ml £10.00
Prized for its enticing layers of flavours and softness, Don Julio Añejo is best appreciated when enjoyed neat or over ice.

Jose Cuervo
The commercial Tequila trade can be traced to the first land grant given by a Spanish King to a nobleman in the New World. The nobleman in question was José Antonio Montaño y Cuervo. The family name Cuervo means crow. The crow is part of the Cuervo family heraldic shield which appears on each Cuervo bottle, even to this day. The grant was later followed by the first ever license granted in Mexico to a planter to sell his Tequila at retail.

Jose Cuervo Traditional, 35ml £3.80

Jose Cuervo Platino, 35ml £9.00
Served in a chilled shot glass no need for salt or lime serve over ice.

Jose Cuervo Reserva De LA Familia, 35ml £15.00
A really sumptuous anejo taken, as the name suggests, from the private stocks of the Cuervo family. This tequila has been aged five years for exceptional smoothness.

In 1922 after years of defining his recipe, Señior Jose Maria finally crafted the original “Cazadores” formula and kept it hidden in a wooden box in the walls of his farm

Cazadores Blanco, 35ml £6.00
A very smooth but complex vintage from the finest region

Cazadores Reposado, 35ml £7.00
Aged for a minimum of two months in American oak casks

Cazadores Añejo, 35ml £10.00
Aged for a minimum of twelve months in American oak casks

Gin & Martinis
35ml Martini

Beefeater £3.80 £7.50

Hayman’s Sloe Gin £3.90 £7.50

Gordons £4.00 £7.80

Bombay Sapphire £4.20 £8.00

Tanqueray £4.30 £8.20

Tanqueray 10 £5.00 £9.50

Hendrick’s £5.00 £9.50

Oxley £5.00 £9.50

Vodka & Martinis

35ml Martini

Stolichnaya: Red, Vanilla, Raspberry £3.80 £7.50

Finladia: White, Cranberry, Grapefruit £4.00 £7.80

Zubrowka £4.00 £7.80

Ketel One: White, Citron £4.50 £8.50

Ciroc, Grape Vodka £4.50 £8.50

Grey Goose £5.00 £9.00

Belvedere £5.00 £9.00

Liqueur 35ml
Archers, Peach Schnaps, England 18% £4.50

Chambord, France 16.5% £4.50

Cointreau, France 40% £4.50

Disaronno, Italy 28% £4.50

Southern Comfort, USA 35% £4.50

Limoncello, Italy 25% £4.50

Cachaca, Brasil 40% £4.50

Tia Maria, Jamaica 20% £4.50

Baileys, Ireland 17% £4.50

Kahlua, Mexico 20% £4.50

Galliano, Italy 42.3% £4.50

Frangelico, Italy 20% £4.50

Sambuca, Italy 40% £4.50

Goldschlager Schnaps, Italy 40% £5.00

Grappa, Italy, 42% £5.00

Dom Benedictine, France, 40% £5.00

Drambuie, Scotland 40% £5.00

St. Germaine, France 20% £5.00

Grand Marnier, France 40% £5.00

Chartreuse, France, 55% £6.00

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